Byran Evans – Roswell, NM

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“I, along with my wife, Barbara Evans, and her father, Steve Smith, recently completed a birding tour of the Big Bend that was arranged through your company and led by Dave Krueper.  I write to express my sincere appreciation for and admiration of the work done by Dave on our tour.  He was thoroughly professional and helpful the entire time.  Dave’s talents were extraordinary, particularly his ability to identify birds by their song or call.

Given that we were a very small group, we spent the better part of five days in quite close company, travelling around the Big Bend and southern New Mexico.  Dave was extremely friendly and personable, from the moment he arrived to pick us up with a box full of birding guides and other information helpful to our trip and another box full of travel snacks!

I, personally, was especially appreciative of Dave’s courtesy and professionalism, given that I am a rank novice when it comes to birding.  This was my first birding trip.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and would love to tour again, in large part due to Dave.  During the entire trip, I never once was made to feel like a rookie, in spite of asking tons of beginner questions.  Dave could not have been more helpful.  Barbara and Steve have been on many other birding trips.  They agreed Dave was one of the best guides they’ve ever had.

Your company is extremely fortunate to have Dave as one of its guides.  When we plan our next tour, we will think of your company and, in particular, Dave.”


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“Pardon my delay in letting you know how much we enjoyed Jason as our guide on February 18.  He is a delightful young man, not to mention very smart and knowledgeable.  He may have told you that on the 18th, only one of the Rosy-finch species showed up, but we went back on Thursday and ‘got’ all of them.  “

Alice Horst – The Villages, FL

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“I just returned from an incredible trip to New Mexico with Michael Hilchey as my guide.  I was so lucky to be able to see all 3 Rosy-finches and their banding at Sandia Crest.

Michael was wonderful, knew all the local eateries, and took Pam and me out to chase the Common Crane – which we could not find that day.

Michael also took me out at night to see that wonderful Northern Saw-whet Owl! THANK you BRANT TOURS and Michael for such a wonderful experience.

I will travel with BRANT again.”


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“Thanks for a great day of birding. Jason did a wonderful job, from finding birds in weather that was probably not the best to just being great company.”

Dr. Randy Walker – Vancouver, BC

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“I was visiting the Albuquerque area from Vancouver, BC and I wanted to get the most out of my short time there and see some southwest specialties.  I booked a full day tour with BRANT and it was fantastic!  Both Raymond and Jason are remarkably knowledgeable of course, but went above and beyond.  They had suggested submitting a list of target birds in advance and they planned a route for the day to maximize the opportunities to see these species. They were both also very knowledgeable about the local mammals, reptiles, and plants, which was a bonus.

Overall the day was a huge success!  I saw the vast majority of the species I had hoped to see and Raymond and Jason provided tips on how to find some of the other species on my own in the following days.  In addition, both Raymond and Jason are very personable, which made the day even more enjoyable.

I look forward to doing some more birding with these guys in the future and would wholeheartedly recommend BRANT Tours!”

Consuelo Valdez – Santiago, Chile

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“The Peeps & Plovers: Shorebird Identification Workshop was a memorable experience! I considered very inspiring the preliminary talk on the evening before the field workshop. The workshop enriched my ways of observing and identifying subtle physical and behavioral differences among a challenging group of birds. Hoping for further workshops with Raymond, Lee, and Jason when next visiting Albuquerque.”

Bev Silfer and Lou Prime – New Mexico, USA

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“Lou and I knew Raymond and Michael‘s great interest in birds since they were little boys but it was wonderful to see what knowledge they have about bird habits. The many calls that they can make made it possible to find many difficult-to-see species on our South Texas trip.

Lee,  is a gem. She drove us safely through all kinds of weather including one very foggy morning.

Thanks to BRANT for a great trip!”

Rebecca Shankland – New Mexico, USA

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“A group of seven of us (from NM, WA, and Germany) spent a fabulous day with Raymond and Jason starting at 4:30 a.m. in order to see the Prairie-Chickens.  They knew precisely what birds had been seen on what leks and got us there right on schedule for the LEPC show.  The whole day unrolled like magic because they knew exactly the right spots for all the NM species.  Their knowledge of bird locations, habits, ecology, migration, calls, and songs is astonishing.  Their enthusiasm is equally impressive and makes the whole experience delightful–they enjoyed guiding as much as we enjoyed being guided.”

Panos & Cheryl Kanes – Georgia, USA

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“It is always a great day to be in the field birding with the dynamic team of Raymond and Michael of BRANT tours!  Their enthusiasm, energy and knowledge of the birds is outstanding.  It’s all about location and timing!  They know just where and when to go to get the birds you want to see.

We chose to have Raymond and Michael organize a custom trip for us to SE Arizona.  We had already birded with Raymond in South Texas and loved his determination and enthusiasm in finding the birds in the right habitat.  Having Michael join our group for Arizona added even more expertise and a great pair of eyes and ears!

It is so much more efficient to use a guide to locate the birds on your wish list because they know exactly how to organize the trip.  We can’t wait for our next adventure with BRANT Tours!”

Laura & Dana Hardy – Georgia, USA

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“This past year we were fortunate to have chosen BRANT for two birding trips in the Southwest US – and every day was special. They were given our wish list, and wow did they deliver! Raymond and Michael are talented and knowledgeable guides, as well as enthusiastic naturalists and conservationists  Their passion for birds, and energetic and friendly demeanor make a day of birding an absolute joy!  We were lucky one day that Lee joined us for some hummingbird watching – what a fun group!

Based on our wish list, Raymond compiled excellent itineraries, targeting particular habitats and schedule.  We not only had good looks at each bird, but were enlightened about the ecology, wildlife and culture of a particular area. We are new to photographing birds, and they were helpful and patient and did not harass the birds, which was important to us. Our heads and hearts were happy and buzzing at the end of each day.

Thank you, guys, for great times and all your knowledge of the birds we saw!  We love this company and look forward to more private trips, as well as some scheduled tours in the future.”