Byran Evans – Roswell, NM

“I, along with my wife, Barbara Evans, and her father, Steve Smith, recently completed a birding tour of the Big Bend that was arranged through your company and led by Dave Krueper.  I write to express my sincere appreciation for and admiration of the work done by Dave on our tour.  He was thoroughly professional and helpful the entire time.  Dave’s talents were extraordinary, particularly his ability to identify birds by their song or call.

Given that we were a very small group, we spent the better part of five days in quite close company, travelling around the Big Bend and southern New Mexico.  Dave was extremely friendly and personable, from the moment he arrived to pick us up with a box full of birding guides and other information helpful to our trip and another box full of travel snacks!

I, personally, was especially appreciative of Dave’s courtesy and professionalism, given that I am a rank novice when it comes to birding.  This was my first birding trip.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and would love to tour again, in large part due to Dave.  During the entire trip, I never once was made to feel like a rookie, in spite of asking tons of beginner questions.  Dave could not have been more helpful.  Barbara and Steve have been on many other birding trips.  They agreed Dave was one of the best guides they’ve ever had.

Your company is extremely fortunate to have Dave as one of its guides.  When we plan our next tour, we will think of your company and, in particular, Dave.”

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