Our Tours

Red Warbler


Set Departures

Set Departures are open registration, set date tours. Click the “Set Departure” link to see an index of our tours organized by region and focus or click on the “Tour Calendar” link to see trips organized by departure date.


Partner Tours

Partner Tours are trips that we have developed specifically for our non-profit and for profit partners. These trips are available to anyone, however preference is given to members/customers of the specific partner through which they are run.  Click the “Partner Tours” link to view our offering of partner trips. If you are interested in setting up a trip like this through your organization, email us.


Custom & Private Tours

Custom & Private Tours are developed specifically for your group. We can modify an existing set departure trip or create a completely new itinerary just for you and your friends. This type of tour is open to private groups of friends as well as private and non-profit organizations.  Click the “Custom Tours” link for more information.


Destination Workshops

Destination Workshops are basically short, all inclusive tours with a focus on teaching particular birding skills in some of the best birding hotspots in the nation. Join us all across the country and learn the birds in the best palaces with the best guides! Click the “Destination Workshops” link for more information.

Local Workshops

Our Local Workshops are available in select regions where our BRANT guides reside. Each workshop includes an evening lecture followed by a field class with the goal of teaching various types of birding skills. Click the “Local Workshops” link for more information on our field workshops.


Local Guiding

Local Guides are available for individuals or small groups looking for half-day, full-day or overnight tours in local areas. For example, if you happen to be in town for work or a family vacation and wish to take a day off for birding this is the tour for you. We provide this service in the regions where our guides live and availability is not always guaranteed. Click the “Local Guiding” link for more information on local guides.